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NEURONET is a decentralized exchange with many features that will allow you to earn maximum rewards when working with cryptocurrencies.

  • +5% BONUS when buying 2500 NCH
  • +15% BONUS when buying 5000 NCH
  • +40% BONUS when buying 10000 NCH

3 Ways to Earn Extra USDT with NCH Coin

Referral CONTEST Staking



Contest for best article authors

Neuronet's Board of Directors decided to additionally reward the best authors of articles posted on Internet resources. It will take you 5 minutes of time and 2 simple steps to get the opportunity to win up to $1000 in USDT.

1. Register in the investor's personal account Referral

Post a post/article Sample post / article with a description of the neuronet project Recommended Forumsand your referral link.

2. Write a comment in our telegram group with a link to your article

We do not restrict your right to post several articles on different resources from the above list! More articles - more rewards! All in your hands!

More than 55 awards will be drawn on 05/01/2022, the top six authors will share $1,000 in real cash prizes.
The top 49 authors will receive incentive prizes of at least $10,000 in NCH.

Terms of the "Competition of the best authors of articles"

To participate, you must post an article in accordance with the recommendations. With your referral link on resources from the list Recommended Forums The draw will be held on 05/01/2022. Over $17,000 total reward fund. The following authors will be awarded:

1st place - 300 USDT (1 reward)
2nd place - 200 USDT (2 awards)
3rd place - 100 USDT (3 awards)
4th place - 1000 NCH (4 rewards)
5th place - 800 NCH (5 rewards)

6th place - 600 NCH (6 awards)
7th place - 400 NCH (7 awards)
8th place - 200 NCH (8 rewards)
9th place - 100 NCH (9 awards)
10th place - 50 NCH (10 rewards)

In order to prevent financial fraud and taking into account the interests of early investors, the following procedure is established for the remuneration paid:
Rewards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place are paid in the amount of 50% within 5 working days after the draw, the remaining 50% you can receive within 5 working days after the publication of the post in Recommended Forums with a description of the receipt of the reward and attaching screenshots of the receipt of USDT (after agreeing text with Neuronet administration).
To save the reward in places 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 you need to mark all received tokens in Staking for a period of 30 days. In case of violation of the specified condition, all tokens will be canceled. And also place in any thematic telegram group on crypto (with more than 10,000 subscribers) a post with a description received winnings and attaching screenshots.